Rose Schneiderman


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Lesson Plans

Rose Schneiderman and the Labor Movement (1900s-1920s)
High School
Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History
Download full lesson plan here. Includes teacher guide and student guide.

Why do people unite? This lesson focuses on the development of the Jewish labor movement and encourage students to consider the relationship between individualism and political organizing in history and in our lives today.

The Rogarshevsky Family Story
All Grades
Tenement Museum
Click here for the lesson.

Explore the story of the Rogarshevsky family—the parents, Fannie and Abraham, raised six children in 97 Orchard Street in the 1910s, balancing work, family, and their religious faith. Students consider the difficulties of factory work for teenage Bessie Rogarshevsky, and learn about labor unions, working conditions, and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory through Bessie’s perspective.


Short video about Rose Schneiderman’s impact:

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